Mobility is one of the key elements for the efficient management of major events.

Imagine a Head of Delegation not being on time for his speech on a panel, his vehicles not being there on his arrival at the airport. The repercussions for the reputation of the event and its organisers could result in a diplomatic incident, as well as serious financial losses.

Starting with the management plan for risks to people, it is clear that the travel and the schedule of those invited are key elements in the risk analysis. We also take responsibility for preparing mobility management plans.

      The keys to good mobility management are:

      • Coordination and communication with the event organisers, the authorities and the police in order to coordinate the escorts and the protection teams efficiently
      • The knowledge of local suppliers with a view to the accurate and efficient selection of the drivers, itineraries and parking areas.
      • The type of vehicle
      • The profile of the drivers
      • The language skills

      As well as the protocol for driving with an escort are elements that form an integral part of the analysis of your needs.

      We have to predict the unpredictable...

      A preventative approach to the risks related to mobility enables us to prevent and minutely manage unforeseen incidents which, with the help of our experience, become carefully prepared and developed solutions.

      The quest for innovative or exceptional solutions is also one of the key services that must be provided by a professional transport manager.

      OPSMAN has been tasked with managing mobility at international events hosting from 5 to more than 110 Heads of State, Government or Delegation.