What are we talking about? 

Any person who breathes will exhale CO2, nothing more natural than that! Based on the assumption that the air that the person exhales into the atmosphere of the room can potentially be infected with a more or less important viral load, it is essential to look at this risk factor! 

How to go about it? 

The ambient air that each person breathes in an enclosed space must be healthy and treated in such a way that it is not harmful to other people in the space. Several actions can be taken to limit this risk: 

  • Ventilate the space sufficiently to always ensure healthy air (open windows, force the ventilation system to renew the air quickly enough so that it does not stagnate in the space concerned, or limit the time of meetings to avoid too high a CO2 saturation in the meeting room)
  • The other approach is to always ensure that the ambient air inhaled by event participants is treated in such a way that it cannot endanger the health of those present. 

To do this, OPSMAN worked for several months with the ©LD Medical Devices team to define the best mobile and flexible solutions for air and surface disinfection. The work was divided into four steps: 

Step 1:

Ensure that the technology cannot be a danger to people.  

The UV-C technology proposed by the manufacturer ©AirSteril is approved by the Belgian Public Health Ministry! It is harmless for people! https://www.health.belgium.be/fr/list-des-produits-de-ventilation-purification-contre-la-covid-19-controles-et-autorises

Step 2:

Ensure that the technology is effective and meets the 'marketing promises' put forward by the manufacturer. 

Numerous scientific studies and/or case studies have proven the effectiveness of the technology used to destroy airborne pathogens ... including those that land on contact surfaces!

Step 3: 

Provide the MICE event sector with an offer adapted to the realities of the sector. 

Technology and mobile devices that can, considering the event/meeting envisaged, be easily installed and function reliably in any type of meeting room/temporary event space! 

Step 4: 

Train our team in the use and installation of this technology. 

Any technology requires safe and reliable use, certainly when it comes to room air treatment technology. We have therefore been trained in the safe and optimal use of this technology! 

We are therefore able to complete our "C19 risk toolbox" by offering you, according to your specific needs (volume of the meeting rooms/spaces, duration of your event, number of people present, ...) a scientifically validated tool, which allows you to ensure your teams and guests a healthy meeting space and a serene atmosphere! 

Rental prices:

M20 à M80* : 175€/day and per unit 

MP 100 : 225€/day and per unit  

For a price offer adapted to your needs, please send us an email on​​​​​ info@opsman.eu