we pilot - operational directors

From technical services to the management of your cocktails or dinners, our operational manager will take charge of the file you have created in order to "put it to music" on the ground. Starting from a preparatory meeting, with you, our stage manager will be your "conductor" in the field.

  • Contacting your service providers, our manager will take care of the assembly logistics, the accuracy of the services, taking into account the services you have contracted with your partners, but also the punctuality of the services provided.
  • We all know that the timing of an event is very often heckled by last minute unexpected events. From there, it is important that a conductor is able to maintain a rhythm and just and harmonious chords ...

SERVICE managers

In view of the complexity of your event or its size, you will need to be assisted by a service manager who will ensure that each of your service providers:

  • Caterer,
  • Hosts, hostesses and stewards,
  • Security agents
  • or accreditation

Our service manager will make sure to brief your service providers effectively, in particular framing with them the very important aspects of communication, instructions and reporting of their services.

Technical managers

The terms "Translation Channels", "O.B. Van "," Web streaming "," Slings " seem to you to be terms belonging to a foreign language? However, you want to pilot your event yourself, ensuring that each of the technical aspects of it are adapted to the result you want to see on site.

Our technical manager will make sure to provide you with the necessary dictionary in order to, under your control and following your instructions, give life to the technical solutions you will need, taking into account the constituent elements of your event.

  • How many people will need to connect via Wi-Fi on site?

Our technical manager will ensure that the power and stability of the connection provided by your supplier is in line with your needs.