Depuis 1997, nos experts sont reconnus par nombre d'institutions nationales et internationales.
Nos équipes ont collaboré avec de nombreux services officiels de sécurité et ce avec succès.
Voici quelques exemples de services de sécurité avec lesquels nous avons travaillé.

Vos connaissances de la gestion de la sécurité et mobilité de personnalités de haut-rang, vos connaissances et contacts au sein des autorités européennes, belges et internationales sont appréciées au plus haut point. Votre préparation minutieuse en amont permet une gestion efficace de l'information et des risques qui sont essentiels pour des événements regroupant des Chefs d'État, Chefs de Gouvernement et Personnalités de Haut-Rang.

2017 - European Commission - M Bruno VERHASSELT Coordinator Vip section - Security Directorate

Nous tenons à remercier OPSMAN pour la qualité du travail effectué pendant la préparation, la gestion sur site et le suivi des Journées Européennes du Développement 2017 tout comme cela est le cas depuis 2012.

2017 - European Commission - European Development Days - DG DevCO - MS Annie Martinez-Alonzo, Team Leader "Events and Public Relations"

We had many European delegations and high-ranking guests where Christophe constantly demonstrated his strong expertise, which was an asset to the hotel. He is a high professional and one can always count on his support. It was a great time and I enjoyed working with him.

2015 - Mercuri Urval - Management Consultant - M. Bernhard Botlik

Christophe is one of the most details oriented, approachable and professional leader I have had the pleasure of working with. His efficiency, expertise and strong guidance skills, in such sensitive sector as security, have always been key factors of success that led our goals straight to the aim. A reference!

2012 - Metropole Hotel Brussels - General Manager - Gwenaël Odongui

Christophe is available, creative, open-minded and always keeps in mind his partners contingencies. He's obviously an asset, regarding security and organization, to any event promoter.

2012 - Belgian Federal Police - Police Superintendant - M. Cédric Smeets

Christophe has provide Security contract services for me over a long period of time. He is both professional and a man of great integrity. He demomstrates a real "can do" attitude and continually turns these into a "will do" and done!.

2011 - Synergy Security Solutions Ltd - Managing Director - M. John Lawlor

I worked with Christophe for many years. He is a well balanced person, understanding the needs of his customers. He is reliable and trustworthy.

2008 - Hilton International - Director of Human Resources Europe - Ms Joëlle Hellinckx

Christophe has fulfilled several missions in Morocco in order to assist our large customers in their security audits. Christophe has shown a great technical competence and gave a very good image of both himself and the company.